About Fast Facts
Facts you may not know

1: On February 2005 Ken Anderson signed a Developmental contract with World Wrestling Entertainment.
2: Kennedys favorite wrestler is Stone Cold Steve Austin.
3 Named his dog Austin after Stone Cold.
4: Ken was born on March 6th 1976.
5: Ken was Trained by All-Star Championship Wrestling owners Eric Hammers and Mike Krause.
6 Made His WWE Debut on August 13th 2005 edition of Velocity as Ken Anderson.
7: Vince McMahon is said to be a huge fan of Kennedy.
8: He has never been pinned or forced to submit on WWE television.
9 His dream match would be to face Stone Cold Steve Austin.
10: Kennedy has appeared in a feature film Forever Still Life, made by former wrestler-turned-director Matt Burns, who wrestled as Sick Nick Mondo.
11 In his off time, Anderson enjoys playing video games and watching the show 24.